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Online sessions

How online counselling works? 

You will book and pay for an initial 50-minutes SKYPE appointment and your therapist will designate a convenient time to discuss your challenges. The first consultation is usually an assessment whereas your therapist tries to establish the best therapeutic plan for your emotional and psychological needs. Once you have the sessions you can then decide whether you wish to proceed on your therapist therapeutic plan. You will then normally have weekly online meetings with your therapist.

Online Therapy with Skype

Online therapy via Skype is usually convenient, entails no commute, and provides flexibility and anonymity. Online therapy is just like coming along for ‘a face to face’ therapy session. Skype allows you to attend a counselling session from the comfort of your own location anywhere in the world at the click of a button. The skype software itself is free and our administration team can help you to download and install it at no costs.

Advantages of Online (Skype) Therapy

Technological change and advancement is always met with some resistance. Despite such worries that online therapy damages any therapeutic alliance and rapport, research indicates that clients who use online (Skype) Therapy via a visual communication report that they rapidly develop a strong and effective relationship with their therapist.

Online counselling (Skype) offers convenience and remote access, serving clients with limited mobility, time restrictions, or anyone seeking help who is reluctant to see a counsellor in-person. Online counselling provides help to many who would not otherwise receive it. Another noteworthy aspect of online counselling is its perceived privacy, whereas many clients appreciate the “disinhibiting effect” of not being seen in-person.

As a team of experienced therapists, we are skilled at addressing any life challenges and we will ensure that skype sessions will become a perfect mode to continue therapy without those annoying breaks that may hinder your progress. 

What are the disadvantages?

Services that involve only written communication, by email or online chat, don’t enable the face to face visibility for the client and therapist to notice body language and tone-of-voice cues. This can increase the chances of misunderstandings occurring.

What can Online (Skype) therapy help with

There is strong evidence that psychological therapy, particularly cognitive behaviour therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT), interpersonal therapy (IPT), psychotherapy, and behaviour therapy - including exposure and response prevention (ERP), can result in client satisfaction with both the therapy and the quality of their relationship with the therapist that is similar to levels of satisfaction with face-to-face therapy. Research suggests that online therapy, including via email and video conferencing (Skype) has been found to be as effective in reducing symptoms as therapy delivered face-to-face by a clinician. Evidence is particularly strong that anxiety, stress, substance abuse, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression can be treated online.

Our Experiences of providing online (Skype) therapy 

Our psychologists have already been providing sessions via Skype for those of our clients that have found it hard to meet us 'in-person'. The excellent feedback we have received from our benefited clients encouraged us to extend our services so that we can provide therapeutic plans and online services worldwide.

Session Fees

Each online therapy session is up to 50 minutes in duration and charged at £75

Depending on the plan you agree with your Psychologist at the initial appointment, you may wish to take advantage of a promotional rate which offers a package of 6 follow on online sessions available at £400 (to be used within 6 months). 

The initial online therapy session is to be prepaid at the time of booking your appointment. Follow on sessions are to be paid in advance, before your session.

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