Although grieving is a normal process, when people find themselves unable to move on, counselling or therapy can often help them to identify and release the blockages which are keeping them trapped.

Dying affects not only the person who dies but those with whom the person has close relationships. Bereavement is the experience of loss of a loved one through death. Nearly everyone experiences bereavement at some time in their lives, most of us long before reaching late adulthood. Bereavement has two omportant components: grief and mourning. Grief is the emotional response to one's loss. Mourning refers to the actions and manner of expressing grief. The grief which follows a bereavement is something which is entirely normal and natural and it is not something which is time-limited.  Generally speaking, however, it does pass in time as the individual adjusts to the loss and resumes his or her life.  In some cases though, people can become stuck and unable to move on, instead becoming trapped in a cycle of denial, anger, guilt and sadness which is often triggered by unresolved feelings from the past.


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